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We are a boutique professional services and consulting firm that provides customized family office structures and ongoing family office support to individuals and families of substantial wealth. Headquartered in the greater Seattle area, we are partners with some of the Pacific Northwest’s most influential families.


Our clients are typically single-family offices, family foundations, and multigenerational families. We work with our clients on an ongoing or a project basis depending on a family’s particular needs. We are experts in setting up family office ecosystems to thrive.


Areas of Expertise


Family Office Administration

Our team has years of experience in both the composition and maintenance of family office structures. We use internally developed templates as our base, then customize administrative systems to a client’s individual needs.


Family Office Setup

We are experts at family office structure and setup. We have helped numerous complex family offices create administrative systems that we either maintain or pass along to their staff to handle on an ongoing basis.


Financial Planning & Accounting

We have helped countless families set up or clean up sets of books, adapting the books to the family's particular needs. Our standardized reports are used as a baseline and can be customized to meet a client’s objectives of tax planning or family reporting.


Project Management

We have overseen a myriad of projects for our clients whether that be a family boat purchase, house remodeling project, or IT infrastructure conversion. We are adept at proactively managing a project to its successful completion.


Family Foundation Administration

Our team is specifically trained on a well-regarded grants administration platform that supports online access to current and historical grants information for board members in addition to supporting online grant applications.


Lifestyle Services

Our lifestyle services team has created dozens of memorable experiences for our clients. Our client’s vision is always top of mind when planning either a catered multi day event or a European family excursion.


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Our Services

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“If you’ve seen one family office... you’ve seen one family office.”
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Our team of professionals brings peace of mind to individuals and families in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.